Customer Testimonials for Minnow Motors

Princess - Cee Acura TL

Very patient, extremely helpful and awesome staff!! I will say I’m actually impressed! From the first day I walked in these guys did everything they could to help the process go smooth. Usually the private owned dealerships are pretty sketchy, and will try to get over on you in any way but not these guys!! I bought a 2005 Acura TL back in January from these guys and about 3 months later the car started having horrid transmission issues, and a small sensor problem. (Which I’m sure they knew nothing about prior to selling it to me). It needed $830 worth of work done to get it back running. I was completely heartbroken, I called Minnow Motors with low expectations since I was just a few weeks outside of the 2 month warranty period but I gave it a shot anyway & was actually impressed and relieved. They had my back & completely assisted me & didn’t try to argue it. Now my TL is back up and running strong again thanks to these guys. That’s an honest, genuine dealership and they hold their words! Definitely a 5 star review from me I am so thankful and glad I gave them my business! Would highly recommend this place to anyone who doesn’t have great credit, is buying their first car from a dealership, and anyone who doesn’t know a lot about cars but doesn’t want to be scammed. "

David - Moyer BMW 5 Series

I've dealt with these guys for a while with business accounts and have sent a few people there who have walked out happy. I just purchased a BMW from them and have really been happy with it. It had a minor hiccup that was taken care of promptly and the car was back to me the next day! I will more than likely return for future purchases! Thanks fellas! "

Frances - Ector 2013 Volkswagen Passat

"I want to thank you all at minnow motors for the great experience in financing my first and second vehicles you guys are awesome and I will be getting my cars from you until the day I’m ready for a brand new car with zero miles.. I highly recommend minnow motors!!! Go check them out great cars great deals!!! "


Got the most beautiful Audi of my dreams at a great price at minnows in the most mint condition and the entire process couldnt have gone any more smooth and easy the staff is extremely helpful and go out their way! i also noticed they not only have nice euro whips but a bunch of affordable great cars too i will definitely be recommending this dealership

Paulie - Bonfiglio BMW 328XI

"Friendly and helpful staff. Have bought 3 cars and will be back when the time comes again! "

Bajram - Ademaj Audi S5

"U guys are the best , i bought car frome u and im very happy and more important is u guys are very very friendly I recommend this dealer to all my friends ... keep going... good job"

Arielle - Clark Subaru Forester

I bought a car from Minnow Motors a few months ago and it was the easiest car buying process my husband and I have ever done! My husband and I are both in the military. My home town is Poughkeepsie and I knew I wanted to buy a car when I went home to visit family. I looked on the minnow motors website and viewed a few different cars that were exactly what we were looking for. I made a few phone calls just asking about the cars and what their recommendations would be for my husband and I, also expecting our first baby. They set us up in the right direction so when I did get to NY I went, test drove the car, and fell in love! Matt (the owner) personally helped me set up everything so I was good to go when I got back to VA so everything would be a breeze! He even offered for me to call him later if i needed any help with the process in VA! Needless to say, Minnow Motors were some of the nicest car salesmen and gave us an awesome car for a great deal! Just genuinely nice people. Who are also extremely military friendly!

John - Singh BMW M3

"Minnow Motors was great! I bought several cars from them and have had nothing but outstanding customer service. They are a great team of people and helped me out throughout the whole entire process from financing to New plates. 5 stars!! Looking to buy another vehicle in the near future "

Alex - Maruzzella Honda Civic Si

" Bought a 09 civic si from these guys. Really easy going guys no pressure no b.s. also had me approved for a loan which covered most of the car. Glad I came here "

M - MC Land Rover Discovery

" No pressure, fair price, great service.
We bought a 2004 LR Disco from Matt to use as our winter car. Matt never pressured us while we were looking and when we were ready to buy he gave a bottom line price that we felt was too fair to try to haggle down. He assured us that if anything went wrong with the car in the next few weeks, his team would take care of it. And he wasn't lying.
Discos are prone to oil issues and ours was no exception; within a couple of weeks it had left a lot more than the usual spots and when we brought it back to him, they fixed all of the seals and, even though it wasn't completely gone, replaced the oil pump. It could probably have lasted longer, maybe long enough that we would've just brought it to our local shop, but they did it right and didn't charge a dime. The car has run perfectly the entire winter.
I would definitely go back and recommend Minnow Motors to anyone. "

Brandon - LaDue Toyota Tacoma

- Customer service is excellent
- Great selection/variety of cars - from old school muscle cars, to affordable economy cars
- Salesmen are very laid back and did not mind I was totally wishy washy.
- this is my second car purchase from minnow and I could not be happier